Smith Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection company that specializes in water-based fire sprinkler systems. Smith Fire Protection is a family-owned and operated company based in Burleson, Texas. Our commitment is simple - to provide excellent, relationship-based customer service at cost-effective pricing. We pride ourselves on being a solutions-based service company that will look outside the normal to help your business. 
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Quality and code compliant systems are crucial for the extended life of fire systems. For example, a wet pipe fire sprinkler system without a NFPA 13 required air vent could leave  the system in danger of developing pinhole leaks at the points where the air is being compressed in the system. This can reduce the life span of standard Schedule 10 piping by many years and be costly for any facility.​You can be confident that systems installed by Smith Fire Protection are installed with your future in mind.


Inspections are a must for fire systems. Fire system inspections and testing is critical for any facility that truly values the protection of property and life. In the event of a fire emergency, you want to be confident in the functionality of the systems and system components. Along with peace of mind, these inspections are mandatory per the State and Local Jurisdictions. Being out of date on your inspection could lead to violations and/or fines from the local fire officials. Have no fear, Smith Fire Protection will help you keep track of inspections dates to keep you compliant.


Our company is built upon quality service and solutions based critical thinking. We understand that a pipe leak or underground pipe blowout is stressful and we can help alleviate that for you. Rest assured our service team will answer the call 24 hrs a day.​​​